bungee dot com - the bungee jumping and bungee stunt authority. everything about bungee, bungee jumping, bungee equipment, bungee safety, bungee history and bungee television and film work. bungee masters (a bungee.com company) bungee bridge in washington state, 45 minutes from portland, oregon.
bungee dot com - the bungee jumping and bungee stunt authority.  everything about bungee, bungee jumping, bungee equipment, bungee safety, bungee history and bungee television and film work. bungee masters (a bungee.com company) bungee bvridge in washington state, 45 minutes from portland, oregon.
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If the bungee jump doesn't get you, the class five white water will! This is the 200 foot jump over Canyon Creek, south of Mt. St. Helens in Washington State. This is what the spectators see from the bridge.

Wee! "Now why," you ask, "is AJ Hackett a living legend in the sport of bungy jumping?" I'll let this hilo jump in Normandy, France answer that question. As crazy as this stunt is, though, we all know that AJ has a great crew behind the scenes; Geoff Wilson, Philip Cob and Boz are all back there somewhere. Bungy is always a team effort.

Here you have AJ Hackett, the man, the myth, the legend. Never content to simply sit back with Caroline, Dean and Jade in their French Chateau in Normandy, AJ has to keep pushing the envelope. This amazing stunt, a 1,200 meter helicopter jumper at the Viaduct De La Souleuvre in Normandy, France, is still a world record for the highest and longest helo bungy while juggling three hamsters, one leg of lamb, and a complete set of William Shakespeare works (leather bound and unabridged). WOW! What a guy! I think AJ was even doing some advanced testing of a new military missile targeting system on this jump. It's amazing how little we won't do when there is a camera focused on us.

This young woman is executing the jump that became known as the "elevator to hell," the only description that truly fits this jump. The bridge and everyone on it seems to just drop away from you as you fall backward. What we don't share with the jumpers ahead of time is that half way down everything in your colon will liquefy!

This is one of my all time favorite shots of a jumper having a really good time. This 100 foot jump off the stunning Graves Creek Bridge over the awesome Rogue River in the enchanting southern Oregon region of the incredible western United States was where I had my first jump. This bridge is also where Bungee Masters, Inc. started into business. It also happens to be the put-in for the 35 mile wild and scenic section of the Rogue River, one of the best rivers in America to raft, canoe, or kayak. (Way back in 1965 the founder of Bungee Masters, Inc. cut his teeth in a driftboat on this incredible river.) Unfortunately Jim Leftman of the BLM passed a sanction outlawing bungee jumping from this bridge back in 1992. However, if you ever get an opportunity to boat this section of river don't pass it by! There is also a great hiking trail running the entire length of this section of the river. You can have breakfast up river at the Galice Café, then check in at Rand Ranger Station, and you will be in for the river trip of a life time!

Oh boy! Nothing like a night jump into a full body immersion (with a drysuit on of course). Jumping into the abyss at Blue River Reservoir was always fun, but damn that water was cold! Night jumps in the wild always presented their unique challenges. The jump masters would usually hand out a glow stick to every jumper so that the staff members leading the party to and from the jumpsite are able to make sure that nobody had taken any unforeseen or unanticipated trips over the side of the bridge.

Ok, Chip Wright, eat your heart out! (Chip is Chuck Norris's stunt double for the major fight scenes in "Walker Texas Ranger") I always wondered what it would be like to throw a flying side kick 175 feet in the air and hold it. I can tell you, it feels good to have good form until splash down. I guess those 29 years of Martial Arts finally paid off.

Ah yes, here is your young lassie in mid flight off Bungee Masters' 200 foot Canyon Creek Bridge, located just south of Mt. St. Helens, Washington (or 45 minutes north of Portland, Oregon). (Include this between the Prep.gif and the River.gif)

You know how the story goes. Right when you think that you're really a bad ass - living on the edge, wrestling with tiger sharks, drinking milk past the pull date - along comes some guy that gives you the terminal reality check. Yep, this is the guy - none other than Dave Warloe, or as we know him "The Body Guard". That's right! The Whitney Houston movie where Kevin Costner plays Billy Joe Bad Buns...well in real life Davey boy was (and is) the real body guard at that HollyWierd Mansion. (No, he no longer looks after Hugh Heffner's bunnies at Playboy West. Five years of rabbit fur was all that he could handle.) When Dave isn't training with the Gracie brother or out on the firing range shooting his old navy seal buddies, you will find him kayaking or bungee jumping in Las Vegas or the scenic Northwest. I still haven't forgiven him for the terrible bruise he gave me before my honeymoon, but that's what I get for having a Muy Tai Kick Boxing party instead of a traditional bachelor party. We miss you Dave! Come by and play!

So there are three categories of people out there: those that have jumped, those that are going to jump, and those that even with the help of a frontal lobotomy, electric cattle prod, and the promise of Tiger Wood's millions, will never come within 100 parsecs of a bungee cord. (That's a real, real long way, for you non Star-Trekkies out there. It's roughly, for any of you engineering types out there in cyberland, 326 light years, or 206,265,000 times the distance from the earth to the sun.)

For those of you that fall into either the first or second categories, this photos will offer the best graphical representation of what bungee must feel like when all those pre-synaptic and post synaptic neurons are firing in those MAO enzyme starved minds of yours. I still believe the best description I have ever heard for describing the activity of bungee jumping came from that sweet group of young Catholic girls on a permanent vacation from their Providence boarding school. Standing high atop my 201 foot tower on a hot August night in Las Vegas, Nevada the young Madonna look-a-like tell me after her jump, "It was just like being in a car wreck and having the best sex of your life all at the same time! Only that with Bungee jumping you are a lot safer off than with sex these days." That statement seemed to sum it all up quite nicely, don't you think?

Interested in Bungee Jumping off of the tallest Bungee bridge in North America? Bungee dot com and Bungee Masters can help you fulfill your high-altitude dreams by pushing you off of a bridge. Not daring enough for you? Try Bungee jumping out of a helicopter...but that's not the scary part. Better sit down before we tell you that you're over the open maw of a volcano. That's right...we're THOSE Bungee guys.