bungee dot com - the bungee jumping and bungee stunt authority. everything about bungee, bungee jumping, bungee equipment, bungee safety, bungee history and bungee television and film work. bungee masters (a bungee.com company) bungee bridge in washington state, 45 minutes from portland, oregon.
bungee dot com - the bungee jumping and bungee stunt authority.  everything about bungee, bungee jumping, bungee equipment, bungee safety, bungee history and bungee television and film work. bungee masters (a bungee.com company) bungee bvridge in washington state, 45 minutes from portland, oregon.
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Mark Shudt doing his ankle jump. This is the ground angle of the photo that appeared on the front cover of the Boston Globe Business section Thursday August 8, 1996. It's kind of ironic that Mark just graduated with his MBA from Harvard Business School and he is the first one in his class to make a front page color photo of the Boston Globe. Congratulation Mark! He is also the man on location that made this event possible for Bungee Safety Consultants. Whether it was completing the 95 page application for the City of Boston and State of Massachusettss or negotiating with Mr. Thanes at Anthony's Pier 4 Restaurant, or arranging for a great stereo from his old frat house at MIT , Mark helped christen the site by being the first jumper.

Caught on camera: Michael, Steven and Mark doing the bungee Macarana dance while leading more bungee fodder to the waiting bungee basket. These guys had just too much fun to call what they were doing WORK!

This is an ankle harness jump that Paul Dalton, the organizer of the World Trade Center Show in Boston, squeezed in between putting out the normal trade show brush fires that cropped up hour by hour. Not only did Paul demonstrate that he has guts by doing the jump, he managed to organize the most outstanding presence both inside and outside the World Trade Center of any of the MAC WORLD participants. Paul would be the first to give credit to the entire Power Computing crew for the shows success, and they rightly deserve credit. From our prospective as bungee providers we can attest first hand that Paul Dalton is a breed apart from the norm. Paul is one of those rare individuals that when he makes a decision to get something done it is from that point forward never a matter of "if", but a matter of when and how it will be accomplished. If you are ever in need of capturing the spotlight at any sort of convention or trade show get Paul Dalton in your corner and you will close the show as the UNDISPUTED WINNER!

A second angle of Paul Dalton's 155 foot ankle jump over the Boston Bay.

This is a view from the landing area looking up at the Great Canadian Bungee Company's quarry jump in Ottawa. At 200 feet, this is the highest jump in Canada and one of the most beautiful in the world. A must-jump for any serious bungee aficionados living in the Northeastern United States or Eastern Canada.

This is one of my favorite camera angles, here showing KJ Jennings with the Boston skyline in the background. You'll recall what I was saying about any jumpsite being a team effort. Well we are only as good as the crew we assemble, and we assembled the best. I am sure that most of you cyber surfers out there have heard and read about AJ Hackett Bungy who started out of New Zealand in the late 80's . Well when AJ started his business and he needed good workers, guess who JumpMaster 001 was. You guessed it! None other than good old KJ Jennings from San Francisco, Ca. As it turned out, KJ happened to be touring New Zealand at the time AJ, Chris Allum and Henry were starting their commercial venture at Kawarau. And the rest, as they say, is history. KJ was also the head JumpMaster for the 1995 and 1996 ESPN SPORTS X-GAMES in Providence, Rhode Island. When it comes to jumpmasters, there are few in the world as qualified and experienced as KJ. Besides all that, he's a hell of a good guy and can drink his weight in beer!

A nice skyline shot of the Power Tower Pro jump site at Anthony's Pier 4, looking from the World Trade Center back at the skyline of Boston and Waterview Restaurant, located on the left of the photo. Ed, Betty, and the whole crew at Waterview Restaurant were great to us for our week on site. Be sure to stop in and sample both their cuisine (and that of Anthony's) and tell them that the Bungee Masters sent you!

Power PC's marketing wiz Doreen doing the bungee thing at Anthony's Pier 4. This woman really gets into her work, you might say. For her first jump I would have to give her a few style points. Good job, Doreen, and congrats on not having to use the Depends on the jump.

Doreen was so psyched up for this jump that she even brought her own leather studded harness from her home in Texas. I kind of liked the sequins, studs and whip holster.

Doreen on her way up with Boston in the background.

None other than Power Computer CEO Steve Kahn with Todd, our bungee double for Power PC's poster boy Joby, "fighting back for MAC."

I would say what impresses people most about Bungee Safety Consultants is our dedication to professionalism. Whether standing on a bridge in the Northwest, on the jump deck overlooking the Las Vegas Strip, or at the World Strade Center in downtown Boston, it has always been obvious over the years that Bungee Safety Consultants and Bungee.com set a high standard of excellence for our crew and within the entire bungee industry. That is why we employ only the highest quality Jumpmasters. Being intelligent, responsible, experienced, fit, strong, and resourceful are all prerequisites to becoming part of our exemplary team of highly trained jumpmasters. As you can see from our water rescue boat in this photo, we always go first cabin with our jumpsites. So the question arises: Who the heck is this clown and how did he become part of our team? Well, your guess is as good as mine. I must not have realized that one of our Jumpmasters had an alter ego name Leonard Lukfisk. We could, however, see from the crowd's reaction that Leonard was one who's mere appearance commanded respect and gave all the potential jumpers a sense of confidence and reassurance prior to their jump. Hey, we aim to please, and if it's comic relief that you want then it is comic relief that you will get. What can I say, except that if you ever run into a guy who looks like this at a jumpsite where you plan on jumping, you may want to rethink your plans and consider running away as quickly as possible.

Across the Boston Bay from Logan International Airport, we noticed: "Golly, those planes sure seem close to our tower." However with a tip height of only 155 feet, we were well within our safety margins. But it did give the jumpers quite a thrill to hear the roar from above as they were jumping.

None other than Power Computing Marketing Weasel himself, Mike Rosenthal, taking the last jump of the show and mugging for all the staff and crew at Power. Right about now Mike is thinking, "Gee ain't it great that they all dropped everything and came out to watch my jump after such a busy week."

Now Weaselman himself is having the COLD & WET realizing that the gallery of spectators he thought were his coworkers and friends are actually a coven of bungee vultures come to see the Boston Bay Bungee Enema first hand.

So you've heard of cannon fodder. We in bungee have something similar. This is Steven Mary, originally from Pittsburgh, PA., being landed after completing our demo jump for the City of Boston and State of Massachusetts bungee inspectors. Steven not only survived the demo over the Boston Bay, he even did it with excellent form. Steven's first words to the jump master on the ground reaching up for him: "Look I'm really not kidding Mark! I am not coming down until you set down that damn rectal probe."

Steven checks the Duct Tape to see if it will hold for at least one more jump. Mark and Leslie scout the area for government inspectors or news media.  ;)

Any bungee operation is an orchestration of many players who choose to work together as a team. The concept and idea obviously starts with one individual's dream and desire, but as with most successful businesses in the world it is the quality of the team that manifest the individual's dream into a physical reality. The motley crew you see represented in this photo at the World Trade Center in downtown Boston, Massachusetts is representative of this reality. Each member of the team brought their individual expertise to the event to make this jump a success for Power Computing at the 1996 Mac World Convention. Not pictured is Mike Rosenthal, who conceptualized the idea of the Power Tower Pro Bungee Tower. The individual that made it happen for Power Computing is Paul Dalton who is included in this photo. Others pictured: MIT and Harvard Grads Mark Shudt and Dr. Robert Park , KJ Jennings , Matthew Lawrence , Steven Mary, Michael Norwalk , Chrissy Bloome (ER-RN and emergency management and site safety officer), Leslie Scott Galbreath (comic relief and generally abusable JumpMaster), and of course Yours Truly, Casey Dale, acting in capacity of jump site director and demigod at large.

Interested in Bungee Jumping off of the tallest Bungee bridge in North America? Bungee dot com and Bungee Masters can help you fulfill your high-altitude dreams by pushing you off of a bridge. Not daring enough for you? Try Bungee jumping out of a helicopter...but that's not the scary part. Better sit down before we tell you that you're over the open maw of a volcano. That's right...we're THOSE Bungee guys.