“Touch The Sky” series: The Pacific Northwests most unique dining experience!

 Nine (9)-Course, Adventure Dining Beneath the Stars @ The Green Mile.

  So are you looking for that unique never before romantic private dining experience beneath the stars with that special someone? Do you want an intimate, memorable, shared life-time moment that, will be etched in your minds for the rest of your lives. If the answer in a resounding “YES” then join us in the Summer of 2010 for yet another offering in The Green Mile Canopy Tours series of “Touch The Sky” events with “Adventure Dining Beneath the Stars”.

 Here is how it works you and your date will be picked up at your location in a private chauffer driven *limousine or by private **helicopter and greeted with a bottle of Dom Perignon Champagne and Chocolate Truffles to start your culinary delight and wet your appetites for what is yet to come. The two of you will be whisked away in style to The Green Mile where you will be greeted by your host for the evening, either: ****Devin Kelly, Chris Yonker or Brian [?] Beausejour  (all internationally acclaimed adventures and culinary coinsures). Once on site they will fit you into your special safety attire and then escort you to a waiting lift where you will be hoisted to your private dining platform at the top of a 70’ tower overlooking a 250’ canyon below, for the dining experience of your life!

 As you sit down to your adventure dining experience you will hear the sounds of the wind in the trees accompanied by your own private musician playing in the background and enhancing the ambiance of the evenings spectacle.

 Your dinner will start with yet more Champagne but this time accompanied with genuine Russian Caviar served iced and with mother of pearl (or glass) utensils to maintain the rich exotic flavor of the Caviar! This of course will be followed by your antipasti tray filled with exotic meats and cheeses and accompanied by with extra-virgin oiled bread sticks with our own whipped garlic-herb butter, (which of course is to die for)! You will then move on to your soup and Caesar salad courses prepared at your table by your personal coinsure while you wait, all along a enjoying the spectacular view of the night sky as the breath taking panorama of a star studded sky begins to unfold above you. As you move on to your main course you will have your choice between the local Northwest wild salmon, grilled to perfection in our own secret blend of Thai herbs and spices for a culinary treat you will never forget or if you choose you can select from one of a number of cuts of beef that will be hand delivered to your grill from our private butcher shop and private herd of cattle bred and raised a mere 300 yards from where you are dining. Also depending on the season we might have a couple other fresh surprise exclusively fresh entrées for you to choose from (Elk or Pheasant under glass)!

 After dinner you will be graced with a selection mouth watering of desert options ranging from a fiery display of crème burlee, fresh succulent fruit bathed in rich cognac or of course our chef’s own personal favorite our unique surprise treat know as “Death by Chocolate”. These palate pleasing tasty treats will be followed by a nice brandy severed in your custom etched snifters which will be yours to keep along with the custom etched champagne flutes you began your gastronomical odyssey with earlier in the evening. Capping your evenings dining delights we will served a slow brewed, French pressed coffee prior to your decent from a truly, one of a kind dining experience.

 But wait before you leave the The Green Mile you have one more surprise awaiting you. Both you and your special guest will be escorted to waiting front row seats in the center of our private 300’ long bridge and (***if the fire gods permit) you will be treated to a humble, yet magical private display of fireworks high above our canyon that will light up the night sky and ignite your imaginations. After this decadent display and dining delights you will again be chauffeured by private limousine or helicopter away from The Green Mile and back to town ending or shall we say beginning one of the most wonderfully enchanting nights of our life!

 Thank-you for Touching the Sky at The Green Mile.

 PS A private photographer will capture and document the entire evenings adventure for both of you and will be included as a DVD in the package of memorabilia offered with the experience.   Additionally, custom leather jackets with a minimum of four embroidered patches (ORA, The Green Mile Canopy Tour, Touch The Sky and Bungee.com) will be included in the memorabilia package. (Jacket sizing will be taken at time of registration)

 *Private limousine only option $ 1,500 each

(Estimated cost of $ 2,500 expenses and $ 500 chef/waiter/facilitator, prices will be adjusted based off further analysis)

 ** Private limousine an helicopter option $ 2,750 each

(Pilot, estimated cost of $ 4,750 expenses & $ 750 chef/waiter/facilitator, prices will be adjusted based off further analysis

 ***Additional Green Mile "Cast Members" will be trained to facilitate these adventure experiences

 **** Depending on current fire conditions will determine if the fireworks show will be an option.


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